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​​​Vedic (Jyotish) and Western Astrology


What is Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)?
For centuries people have meditated on planetary cycles for answers to questions of everyday life. Derived from the study of planetary patterns, Jyotish has been an integral part of Vedic culture for thousands of years.

As a branch of Vedic sciences, (which include Yoga and Ayurveda), Jyotish aids the quest for self-knowledge (wisdom, liberation of the mind and fulfillment of the heart). It recognizes the Four Aims in Life whose attainment lead to happiness: dharma (life path or purpose), artha (achievment of goals and wealth), kama (desire), and moksha (liberation), and can tell when these four aims may bear fruit in our life.

How is Western Astrology related to Jyotish?
Jyotish has remained basically the same for centuries, handed down through a strong oral tradition. Two branches of astrology were carried to the west: Greek , which died out in approx. 300 AD, and Arabian, that gradually made its way across the Middle East and into Europe to become Western Astrology.

How does Jyotish differ from Western Astrology?
Jyotish uses the Sidereal Zodiac which takes into account the precession of the earth on its axis and sets signs against fixed stars. The Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology uses signs of the zodiac based on equinoxes. Looking at the sky with the Vedic system, you see a planet in a named constellation, whereas in the Western system, it is approximately 23-24 degrees different.

The Birth Chart    
A natal chart, the 'cosmic fingerprint', is a basic map of the heavens at the time of birth which may reveal our potential and karma for this lifetime.

Planetary transits to the natal chart will activate our lives depending on the nature of the transiting planets, which planets they 'touch' and what area of life those planets affect.

Jyotish uses systems of progressions (Dashas) to time events and give the overall tone of a period. The most widely used Vimshottari Dasha system of 120 years is calculated from the Moon's position at birth, with each planet ruling from 6 to 20 years. Shorter sub-cycles (bhuktis) of each planet add 'flavors' to the Dashas.

We might have the greatest birthchart with fabulous planetary positions, but only if we experience a period of such well-placed planets do we reap their full rewards. On the other hand, we might dodge misfortune if we never see the cycle of a less well-placed planet.

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*The first session is usually a basic analysis of the birth chart with a brief look at specific areas, upcoming cycles and the year ahead. Further sessions can explore different areas in depths (career, relationship, health, money, family of origin, spirituality, location etc), or a more detailed view of the year ahead.  

*The price of the first 75 minute session is $160. Subsequent sessions are $120 per hour or $75 per half hour.

*A two-hour relationship analysis is $240, looking at charts of two persons, individual relationship needs, emotional compatibility, and issues that may arise.

*For clear analysis of your birth chart, accurate birth data is requested: Birth time, date and location. If you are unsure of your birth time, I can provide a reliable source for rectification. Preparation of birth charts is done prior to the appointment time.

*Before a session, depending on the specifics to be addressed, I may request a short bio/history relating to a specific area of inquiry.

*As part of a reading, I might prescribe 'upayas' or remedies that can assist in overcoming obstactes. Upayas can lessen negative, or enhance beneficial effects of planetary influences.


"My readings with Nirvan are the most accurate and fun I have had. She offers a lot of information in a few sentences that are so clear that I never have trouble understanding with my whole being. Yes, I will wait in line to get one of her readings!" AC, Singer, Santa Fe

"I appreciate your time on this project. Your insights are amazingly penetrating, intuitive and accurate." BW, Acupuncturist, Portland

"It was a very powerful and positive experience. I really needed it for my personal and spiritual healing." JB, Teacher, Santa Fe


"Your reading was very meaningful for me. I have been meditating and writing every day, reflecting on the many insights you shared. It makes a huge difference in my quality of life, and I feel much happier and more at peace on an everyday basis. I find I am enjoying each small moment these days, now that I am spending less energy resisting forces in the outer world. Thank you, again, for sharing your skills and knowledge with the world! :) We really need more humans like you. " KG, Teacher, Tacoma

My Path as an Astrologer
After traveling and studying with an astrologer in the 1970s, I wrote an Astrology sun sign column for a small weekly newspaper. Astrology then led me to a meditation teacher in India who I visited over the course of several years.

Since meeting my Jyotish teacher in the mid 1990s, the Vedic system has been my primary astrological focus although I also watch the influence of outer planets and asteroids not used in the Vedic system. Looking at both a client's Vedic and Western charts reveals many layers of potential and gives wide perspective, depth and possibility. Often both charts will tell the same story from very different planetary placements.

Many times astrology has guided my life, my decisions and my ability to come to terms with circumstances, sucesses and perceived failures. Through the lens of astrology I have often found useful answers to questions of why this, or why that, in career, relationships, life purpose, health, family, money, creative and spiritual life.

When things happen, whether we judge them to be positive or negative, often it seems there's no obvious rhyme or reason. Only later, in hindsight, do we have some understanding of the perfection of even the darkest times.

Sometimes it seems we have no control over events, as if everything is predestined. But we do have control over how we respond - whether we suffer or make positive use of our gifts.

If there's a roadmap to see what planetary cycles might affect our future, we have time to prepare with increased awareness. We can plan ahead to optimize beneficial periods and take precautionary measures to offset or lessen the effects of difficult times.

I encourage clients to clarify issues and recognize their creative and spiritual potential. You'll gain practical insight and understanding of current questions through examination of the birth chart and transits. We'll look at upcoming cycles and possible outcomes.

Additional 'quick' answers and clarification can come from use of a divinatory deck, "Astrology of Destiny" that I co-created with Alan Oken, published in Switzerland in 2000.

Sessions can either be in person, over the phone or via Skype. Please 
contact me  if you would like a reading or have  questions.

Certified in Vedic Astrology through the Ayurvedic Institute of Albuquerque.